Insurance FAQs

1. Will you bill my insurance company?

If you have provided us with your insurance information, we will submit your claims to your insurance company.   For more information please review the Claims Submission and Billing section of Insurance and Billing.

2. How can I obtain a price quote for a specific service or procedure?

Click on Request a Price Quote where you will find a list of price quotes for various services and procedures.

3. How will I know if my insurance company will cover my visit and/or services and whether a referral or pre-certification or prior authorization is required?

If you have any questions regarding your coverage, you should contact your insurance plan(s) prior to your appointment.   Review the Insurance and Billing Process Overview, Pre-Certification and Prior Authorizations and Referralssections of  Insurance and Billing for further information.

4. How will I know if you participate with my particular insurance plan?

A list of many of the insurance plans that we participate with can be found in the “Contracted Insurance Plans” section of Insurance and Billing.

5. Who do I contact to update my insurance information or provide my secondary insurance information?

You can complete the Update Insurance Information form and we will update your insurance information and submit a claim to your insurance company.